The People Who Care


Family Worship Centre exists to worship God, to demonstrate His transforming love to man in order to make him an agent of that love.


Under Gods guidance, Pastors Ina and Sarah started Family Worship Centre on the 11th of April 1993 in the city of Abuja. No one would have guessed that the 212 people who attended that first meeting would become a 14,000 strong church by 2017.

In its early days Sunday services were held initially in the Sheraton Hotel before moving to the Nicon Hilton Hotel. Weekly meetings were moved around different facilities like the Pilgrim’s Welfare Board, Ecumenical Centre and the National Centre for Women Development. At a point the church got the tag, ‘the most mobile church in the city’

By December 2001, the church completed and moved into its ultra modern campus with much fanfare. On the 25th of February 2003, Pastor Ina Omakwu went home to be with the Lord and the mantle of leadership fell on his beloved wife, Pastor Sarah Omakwu. She is currently Senior Pastor of Family Worship Centre and President, Family Ministries International.

Family Worship Centre has 6 branches in the suburbs of Abuja as well as a mother church that serves as headquarters.

The church has about 900 care groups around the city where members meet weekly in their neighborhoods sharing love, friendship and the word of God.
Family Worship Centre has drawn over 85,000 visitors to its Sunday Services over the years. The church is known for its vibrant worship, the simplicity of God’s word and its warm, fun and friendly atmosphere.



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