Pastor-SarahPastor Sarah Omakwu is a charismatic and visionary leader who serves as the Senior Pastor of Family Worship Centre, Abuja. Her life passionately models the Agape Love of God, which is evident in her compassion, giving and caring. Her belief that the gospel should  be ‘good news’ to the weak and vulnerable has been the drive behind Family Worship Centre’s large-scale support of widows, orphans, prisoners and people displaced by sectarian strife.

Pastor Sarah’s lively and insightful teachings continually challenge her 13,000-member congregation to a life of uncompromising godliness, boundless joy and unparalleled excellence. She is an advocate for godly relationships, strong families and a society where those who govern and the governed do right and be right.

She is a sought after conference speaker who has ministered locally and internationally. Her radio program Moving Forward with Pastor Sarah reaches millions across Nigeria.

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