The Welcome to the Family Class a.k.a Membership Class is our second stage of training, where we take people who have completed DTS through the in-depth knowledge of the Church, including our vision, mission and various operational procedures and processes obtained in the Church.

This process prepares people to be worthy representatives of Jesus Christ and the Church and what we expect of our Members. It is also a pre-requisite for serving in any Ministry in the church. Certificates of membership are issued to successful candidates at the end of the session.

The class runs for six (6) weeks and it holds only on Sundays in the morning. At the end of the programme, a certificate will be awarded. The prerequisite for registration is that the candidate must graduate from Discipleship Training School (DTS).

Topics treated includes:
Vision Redefined (We are a Loving People).
Vision for Worship and the Arts.
Vision for Congregational Care.
Vision for Care Group.
Vision for Youth and ChildrensĀ  Church.
Vision for Outreach.
Vision for Special Duties.
Vision for Leadership Development.
Vision for Ministry Administration.

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