Free To Live

Free to Live is a self-empowering addictions support group. Through God’s help, recovery from addictions and addictive patterns and behaviors has been achieved and maintained. We implement tools such as the renowned 12-Step Program, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivation-interviewing, Biblical insight, understanding triggers and urges, identifying & managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors etc.


Our Approach:

  • Strengthen motivation to create lasting change
  • Facilitate group meetings that inform, educate and encourage open-discussions
  • Accountability sub-groups
  • Healthy balance between science and faith
  • Rediscovering rewards


How it Works:

  • Free To Live runs three (3) groups a year
  • Each group runs for ten (10) Sundays
  • All that is required is filling a registration form Forms should not be filled on behalf of another person. (Please include a link on the word “here”) and the form will be attached. Thanks


Our Team:

The team is made up of professionals in relevant fields with volunteers (graduates from former Free to Live groups) that seek to sustain their recovery through service.

General counseling is also provided through the week (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm). Our goal is to restore every individual (without discrimination) to the true and best version of self.



“I struggled with pornography, masturbation, and sex. I was bound by fear, isolation constant guilt, and absolute secrecy. I resolved many times to break this addiction on my own, but only achieved temporary wins. Skeptically, I joined the Free to Live class, and to my surprise every fear I had was dispelled. I learnt valuable lessons and became more aware of my self, which charted my pathway to emancipation. I gained a new set of family and friends in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and openness. My relationship with God has improved and keeps thriving. Do I still get tempted? Very much so, but having gone through the Free to Live Class, I am wiser, smarter and better informed.” A.M


“I never thought I could be from the incessant cycle of perverse sexual misconduct which spiraled from pornography to masturbation to fornication to homosexuality, visits to gay bars and orgies. I was literally a walking sex machine/sodomite. The fact that I can openly make this confession now without the slightest ounce of fear or shame is the peak of my freedom. Backtracking, I started to engage in sexual activities as early as the age of 4 with a female house-help we had at the time. In a way of an upgrade from that, a maternal uncle of mine came into the picture and the pattern continued. This went on for a while. Each time I tried to stop in my strength, I found myself getting worse than I was each time. I desperately needed to be free so I joined the Free to Live class and it exposed other flaws I wasn’t even aware of. Today, I have been celibate for a year and counting. I also mentor others, and I am a leader in church. It hasn’t been easy, but I have learnt from the class not to fight strong but to fight wise.” D.F


“I was a chronic masturbator, indulged in pornography, engaged in marital infidelity and sexual immorality. I came to find out in the class that I still engaged in these behaviors because I was led away by my desires, and needed to develop hatred for my misbehaviors with God’s help. I went through the process thoroughly with a focus, and for the first time I went thirty days without dishonoring my marriage or myself. It has been months later and I am still standing.” A. F

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