Our vision is to raise couples who will worship and serve God by their marriages, demonstrate the transforming love of God to each other and thereby turn each other into an agent of that love.


To enhance 120 marriages annually through direct word-based counseling, such that the testimonies of those couples will in turn affect other marriages in the larger society.


According to the Bible, marriage is originally God’s idea, not society’s. The family was the first institution established by God and can only be best served under the umbrella of the marriage relationship. It provides the fundamental platform for the expression, application and fulfillment of the love commandment. We believe that love, which is the universal badge and identity of the Christian, should act as the blood, giving life and meaning to marriage and the family.

Marriage in its original form as envisaged by God is a covenant, not a contract. It is a sacred union between one man and one woman, witnessed by God, sealed by blood, without an exit door. For this reason God holds the institution of marriage in very high esteem. Our responsibility in the Marriage Enhancement Class (MEC) is to help couples understand these basic truths and come alive to their duties and responsibilities to God, to each other, to their children and the society at large. By so doing they would be in a better position to fulfill their God-given responsibility in the marriage relationship and in other areas of their lives.

The Bible declares that in the midst of many counselors there is safety. MEC was born out of the observation by the leadership of the church that many couples went into marriage without any form of counseling or understanding whatsoever and that the few that passed through pre-marital counseling, had with time completely forgotten what they were taught with the result that marriages were failing fast even among believers. It became imperative therefore to set up a forum where couples who did not know could be taught and those who knew but had forgotten could be reminded about the provisions God had made to help them resolve the numerous conflicts and challenges they were facing in their marriages.


MEC programme is designed in such a way that it take couples on a journey from the foundation/inception of their marriage to the day to day issues they are currently dealing with. The methodology is to apply the Word of God to these areas in order to review, repair, rejuvenate and renew marriages. The programme runs for three sessions every year covering February to April, April to July and September to November. A session consists of ten (10) weeks comprising general class activity on Sunday mornings starting at 9.30 a.m. It is later followed on the same day by an afternoon or evening session in an informal home setting in small groups featuring mainly discussions. Couples are expected to do and submit assignments every week. Topics covered include foundations for a solid marriage, marriage as a covenant, communication in marriage, prayers for the family, roles and responsibilities of spouses, handling in-laws, decision makings, finances, understanding and developing a proper perspective on marriage, dealing with violence (both physical and emotional), romantic love and matters relating to sexual relationships. Couples are expected during the period to read two books, listen to tapes and complete all assignments. The session ends on a light note with a programme to be selected by the counselees. There is provision for couples to exchange or renew their marriage vows, formalize their marriage either in the customary way or legally if they had not done so.


Registration fee of N10,000.00 per couple is charged to cover the cost of books, tapes and other materials. The programme is open to all Christians of all denominations and interested couples from other faiths who want to make their marriages better.


The programme started in 2011 and has handled over 180 couples with huge success. Many of those who came into the programme contemplating divorce as the only solution to their problem have been completely healed, transformed and restored. To the glory of God majority of them are now the Ambassadors of MEC enhancing other marriages and recommending MEC to all who care to listen! Praise God MEC works and MEC is working!


Pastor-in-Charge:    Pastor & Mrs. Benjamin/Margaret Umeadi Okolo-Ebube; Tel: +234 809 990 7805;
+234 8099908019; Email [email protected]; [email protected]

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