7 Days Fasting & Prayer - 02-08 January 2017

Date: 02 January 2017 Speaker: Pastor Wilson Akubo | Today's topic: Faith: Fasting and Prayer

Fasting and Prayer is one thing people look for spiritual reasons not to undertake. Faith is believing God and acting on what you believe. Faith is confidence in God; in who He is. Faith believes and releases God's power.
Prayer is talking with God; not talking to God. It is a dialogue, not monologue. In prayer, you talk to God, and vice versa.Prayer is the means of tapping into God's supernatural resources.
Fasting is the deliberate, voluntary, international, abstinence from food for Spiritual purposes. Spiritual purposes includes Bible reading, Bible study, and meditating on what you have read & study. And taking it all in prayers and keeping the reserve for daily work.

Why Fasting and Prayer?
1. The saints of old fasted. 2 Sam 12:16; Ezra 8:22 Neh. 1:4; Est 4:3, 16
2. Jesus fasted.
3. Jesus said we should fast. Matt. 6:16-17
4. Jesus is no longer with us physically. Matt 9:15
5. The Apostles fasted. Acts 9:9
6. The Apostles encouraged and commended us to fast. 1 Cor. 7:5
We fast tough situations, we need Fasting and Prayer to overcome such. Mar 9:14-23 You might have given excuses for situations and accepted them, but Jesus said This kind can come out by nothing but Fasting and Prayer. 'This kind' can mean multiple demonic attacks, familiar spirit, The cure to 'this kind' Faith, Fasting and Prayer.

According to Mark 9: 14-29, there are 3 kinds of faith.
1. The faith of the disciples; faithless generation.
2. The faith of the father; he doubts if the disciples could heal his son. Doubt is an enemy of effective faith.
3. Jesus faith: He had unlimited faith that healed the child.
Surrender all you cares on Him and believe Him to help you.

Benefits of Fasting and Prayer:
a. reward from God.
B. Manifestation of power. Luke 4:4.
C. Deliverance, healing Is 48:
Who should not fast?
a. Only people on medication or people with health issues.
B. People who do hard labour.

Prayer Points:
1. Thank God for the gift of His word.
2. Thank God for being a man of Prayer.
3. Ask God to give you a word for each of the 7 days of this #FastingandPrayer
4. Pray that God will give you the grace to mix every word you hear in church with faith.
5. Pray for the Beauty of the Lord on Family Worship Centre
6. Call people in prayer; invite people to come enjoy what the Lord is doing in FWC.

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Date: 03 January 2017 | Speaker: Pastor Ekong Ikiddeh | Theme: The Lifestyle of Faith

Today's message is centered on the theme of 2017: The Just shall live by Faith.

Who are the Just?

The Just are the ones the Blood Of Christ has washed clean.

The Just are the Justified; the born again persons.

The Just SHALL live by faith is present-continuous, not past tense.
'SHALL' means it must happen. This means you MUST live by faith.

Living by Faith is not conditional, nor optional; it is constant. It's your lifestyle.

The heroes of Faith are found in Heb 11.

The following explain what it means to live a Lifestyle of Faith

1. A lifestyle of Faith gives God the best. Gen 4:3-4

2. A lifestyle of Faith gives Pleases God.

Enoch pleased the God He could not see; that is faith. Gen 5:24

Enoch had no human example to follow; yet he honored God.

Like Enoch, you don't need a human example to stand for God.

If you have a lifestyle of Faith, you'll stand out in your generation.

3. A lifestyle of Faith does not give excuses for a life of smallness.

4. A lifestyle of faith jumps on the command of God. Heb 11:7

A man of faith does not shrink from God's assignment.

5. A lifestyle of faith obeys all commands from God. Heb. 11:8
The Just who live by Faith must be 'foolish'; it'll not make sense to the world.
God uses the foolish things to confound the lifestyle of the Just who live by faith.
People might not understand what you do for God, but keep at it.
It takes 'foolishnes' to walk with God.
A man who walks by faith doesn't lead himself, he follows God's leading
6. A lifestyle of faith gives God permission to interrupt one's life and plans
7. A lifestyle of faith must see God above every situation. Heb 11:27
8. A lifestyle of faith sees afar, perceives the #WillOfGod. Heb 11:13

How to cultivate a lifestyle of faith.
A. Have a lively, vibrant and loving relationship with God.
B. Be a student of the Word.
C. Cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit; spend time speaking in the spirit.
D. Practice hearing God's voice.
E. Practice obedience; obey promptly in small things.
F. Don't give up on God easily, lean on Him.
G. Nothing should be too precious to let go. H. Do not glory in your accomplishments; don't boast.
i. Leave past victories of faith and move forward.
J. Live light; don't hold onto to baggages, you are a pilgrim here on earth.

Prayer Points:
- Thank God for giving us His Word to build us.
- Repent for being anxious over things.
- Ask God to make you someone who jumps on His command this year. Obey God in small and big things.
- Say "God, I choose to obey You 'foolishly'.
- Pray to be counted as someone who must have walked by faith by the end of 2017.

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Date: 04 January 2017 | Speaker: Deacon Sunny Ekunwe | Theme: Faith Pleases God

Faith is NOW. It is NOT going to be; it is already. The Just shall live by faith today, tomorrow, and continually.

Today's Message: "Faith Pleases God." This message is directed at Leaders, and others as well. The world expects us to walk by our 5 senses, God expects us to walk by Faith. We do not walk by sound, sight, smell, but by Faith. We walk in complete trust and confidence in God. We live by Faith. This year, God will tell us to do ridiculous things. Set your senses aside.

Faith is acting on God's Word. It is not mental assent; it is an action word. Faith is developing the habit of agreeing with God. If God says you can do all things, then you can. Just agree. You can. Don't let doubt and fear deters you from living in faith. These are the twin enemies of Faith. Doubt says, "you can, but I don't know if you are willing." Fear is negative faith; fear is faith in the adversary.

Kick doubt and fear out of your life; they can't co-exist with faith. God rewards faith, because faith seeks Him. Faith moves God. Hebrews 11:6; Faith has no alternative.

Anything outside Faith does not please God. Rom 14:23

How to please God and develop our Faith.

1. Have a relationship with God. Go to God knowing who He is.

2. Spend time in your devotion. It's recommended your first hour daily is for God. One competitor to our Devotion is our service to God.

3. Spend time in God's Word. The Word of God is what we carry inside, not outside. The real benefit of the Word of God is when it is inside of us.

4. Be a person of prayer. Prayer builds your faith. Prayer is Faith working out in a gym; it exercise faith.

5. Start small. Make small deposits of victories and one day you'll make large withdrawal from Faith.

6. Choose your association. Choose friends that have relationship with God.

I appeal to all leaders because we are the ones who will drive the life of faith. If you live by faith, you will be able to teach others to live the life of faith. Through faith we can have more branches, build schools, take in more missionaries & widows and do great exploits.

A person of faith is committed to the Word of God. The kind of faith that will move God is a contagious faith.

May you catch the fire of #faith this year in Jesus name. Thank you for joining us.
Prayer Points:
· Ask God for the Grace to live above sin.
· Ask for deposits of victories (Testimonies), so you can withdraw largely from Faith.
· Ask God for contagious faith.
· Ask God to give you the Kind of faith that won't faith; faith that endures.
· Pray for Family Worship Centre to live by Faith, as we teach on Faith this year.

Pray for Apo and Gwarinpa churches; call them forth.
Ask God that you will not be nonchalant about faith this year. 1 John 5:4.
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Date: 05 January 2017 | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Ochu | Faith Rising

Today's message is titled: Faith Rising.

1 John 5:4-5 says "...The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith..."

Has the world been brought to its knees on your account?
If Heb. 11 was to be written today, your name would be in it, because you once believed. So, what happened that some of us don't hold on to our faith any more?

I learnt Faith through my 'radical' experiences in life. Look back and you'll see situations where you exercised Faith and it worked. The faith you exercised years back is still available today. Let it arise in you. Don't let fear and the things of this world discourage your faith.

Fear is simply faith in satan's ability. Many don't see #Faith at work today because they believe in what they see. But faith looks for clouds to hold, not ledge to hold. Faith is not by sight. Faith comes by hearing.

God has given every one a measure of faith. You've a measure of faith. Rom 12:3 (kjv). The faith in you is for the work of God. The world has 2 realities: the worlds and the Spirit's. To live by faith is connected to walking by the Spirit; connect to the Spirit Realm. If you want to improve your state, begin to live in the Spirit. This is Faith. You can improve any situation if you walk by Faith. Faith works. Faith produces result.

Faith is the ability to see Spiritual reality.

Prayer Points:

Ask God to help you live by faith and believe in His word
Speak over our #Nation; that #Nigeria is a good gift.
Ask that every dream you have lost will come alive
Thank God because your prayers are answered.

Pray over what you wrote down at the Cross Over night with this scripture Mark 11:23
Bring it out everyday and declare over it. Prophesy over it. Believe you receive and thank God for it. Ask God for more in the remaining 3 days.

Date: 06 January 2017 | Speaker: Pastor Ikiddeh Ekong

1. Prayer Points: Pray against smallness, containment and having not enough.
2. Pray against laziness, self pity, self-indulgence and ignorance.
3. Pray for the grace to make the right decisions that will move you forward; ask for the grace to act upon your decision.
4. Pray and uproot every negative words you have planted; replace them with positive words.
5. Pray that every dream the Lord has placed in you will be manifested.
6. Pray that the Lord will help you in everything you do.

Speaker: Pastor Yakubu Yola

Fasting and Prayer Day 6

Gen. 1: 27; Rom. 1:16-17; Matt. 17: 14-20.
God's plan for you is to rule, multiply and subdue the earth. After the fall of man, dominion, multiplication and subduing became a thing of faith.
The righteousness of God, which Christ gave us, will be revealed to us from faith to faith. You need to be a 'faith-being' for you to live; the Just shall live by faith. You are designed to function by faith. If the just doesn't live by faith, the just will not be 'alive' to multiplication or fruitfulness; Every fruitfulness comes by faith.

Faith is what gives you everything that pertains to life and godliness.
In the physical, money is a medium of exchange while in the spiritual, #faith is your medium of exchange. If you do not have faith, you will live in lack. Faith is the currency of Heaven. It is your form of purchase. Whatever you need can be gotten by faith. Prayer is like negotiation, but faith is the currency you need. Unless there is faith, payment or exchange cannot take place.

When you pray, believe, have faith and you shall have what you want. Have sufficient faith before you attempt any negotiation, for without sufficient faith, payment will not be made.
You do not need to go after things, go after faith. The more faith you have, the more power you have to make purchases. Faith gives you access to your needs.

You need to plant faith, water it and service it so it doesn't run down. You need to increase your faith to be able to do the things that you couldn't do. What money can do, your faith can do much more. Everywhere Jesus saw people with faith, He acted and healed them. God said seek first the kingdom of God by Faith and all things will be added to you. Matt. 6:33.

Why have you been living your lives in unbelief? Why don't you take a step of faith and attain the unattainable. Heb. 11:11. By faith, you can have a house, you can have the child, and you can have the job, only believe!
Faith can call the things that be not as if they are.

Prayer Points:
Pray for every woman seeking a spouse.
Pray for every member seeking to move forward.

Speaker: Pastor Wilson Akubo

Today's Message: Faith, the Guarantee to Next Levels.
Sub-title: Decide to have an active, sustain, ever increasing Faith in the person of the Holy Spirit.
God is speaking to a couple here; He says "be in the same Church." God is talking to someone that is about to abort a pregnancy; He says DON'T.
God is here with His Word, you will leave this gathering as a giant of Faith in Jesus name.

Jesus sent another Helper. Jesus was our first Helper. The Holy Spirit is our other Helper. Jo. 14:16
The Holy Spirit came willingly to help us. Allow Him to help you. Decide to put your Faith in the Holy Spirit, and His Mission. The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity. He is one of the Godhead. He is the continuation of God the Father, God the Son. He controls the affairs of God here on earth. He is our Helper. He is the spirit of Freedom; freedom from every oppression.

The Holy Spirit will do the following for us:
a. The Holy Spirit is responsible for our being born-again. John 3:3
b. He empowers to us to live above sin.
c. He preserves us until the day of redemption.
d. The Holy Spirit teaches us all things.
e. The Holy Spirit makes us bold.
f. The Holy Spirit teaches us the Kingdom life.
g. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be Witnesses to the world.
h. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray effectively. Rom 8:26-27
i. The Holy Spirit gives the gift of Faith. 1 Cor. 12:11
j. The Holy Spirit helps us to produce His gifts. Gal 5.
A Helper is anyone you need to fulfill your purpose your earth; The Holy Spirit is our Helper.

How to encounter the Holy Spirit:
a. Repent. Believe. Ask. And He will fill you.
b. Be baptized with Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in tongue.
c. Be yielded to Him 100%. He is the most gentle.

You keep the Holy Spirit by asking Him to keep refilling you. It is free everybody to be refilled with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Points: thank God for sending His Word to you.

1. Ask God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit accompanied by fire. Joel 2:28.

Ask God to take away laziness from you.
Ask The Spirit to empower you to put the kingdom of God first which means:

a) to spend time in devotion
b) to serve Him in a local assembly ,
c) to be salt and light where ever you find yourself.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you at all times
Ask Him to help you to a place of non-negotiable/prompt obedience.
You need to know that:

a. God loves you
b. God knows what is best for you.

Ask God to baptize you with the grace to be a giver.
Holy Spirit, for everything I am going to ask you for, give me the grace to exercise faith and act.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help you be diligent in all you do; refuse to be slothful.
Ask the Holy Spirit to make you a bold man, one that dares great things for the kingdom.
Ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to #WalkInLove.
Ask the Holy Spirit to baptize you with the spirit of gratitude in all things.

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