2018-21 Days Prayer & Fasting

2018 - 21 Days Prayer & Fasting

What is FASTING?

What is Fasting?
It is the voluntary, intentional, deliberate abstinence from food for spiritual purposes.
Spiritual Purposes include Bible Reading and Bible study. Meditation in the Word, and Praying all manners of prayers.
Praying will include praying in the office, home, etc.
When you abstain from food, you use such time for spiritual development.

Why do we Fast?
You don’t fast because there is no food; that is not a fast.
We fast because of the following reasons:
1.The Saints of old fasted. Daniel, Esther, Jonah,  2Sam. 12:16-18
2.Jesus fasted. He is our example, so we ought to fast.
3.Jesus told us to fast; He is expecting us to fast. Matt. 6:16
4.Jesus told us to fast after His departure from earth.
5.The Apostles fasted. Acts 9:9, 13:2-3; 14:24
6.The Apostles encouraged us to fast. 1 Cor 7:5
7.We still Fast because we face ‘This Kind’ of troubles in our present times. Matt. 17:21

How should we Fast?
Do not fast as the hypocrites. Fast unto the Lord. You need to make ample time for the Lord. You need also to be sober, and you will hear breakthrough instructions. My prayer is that you will hear an instruction that will set you on a better part this year in Jesus name.

1.Reward from God
2.There will be manifestation of power
3.There shall be deliverances Isa. 58
4.There shall be abundance, glory, restoration

Who may not fast?
1.Those who do heavy work
2.Those who have health issues may not fast.

Prayer Point:
1. Thank God for the Word we just heard
2. Ask God to show you who you are; so you are not hindered from receiving this period.
3. Pray that God will reveal what He wants you to do this year to you. Submit to the plan of God
4. Speak in an Unknown Language to God. 1 Cor. 14:2
5. Welcome a refined you; a new you. God is making a better version of you. Isa. 43:18-19
6. Decree that no devil will make you ill; you will start strong and finish strong in Jesus name. (you can hold someone’s hand say this prayer.)
7. Thank God for today, and expect more tomorrow.

How Much do you place on Pleasing God?

Day 2:
Welcome to Day 2 of the 21days Prayer and Fasting
Keep your expectations high, God is about to do something new.
In the net couple of days we will be looking at Fully Pleasing God.
One way to offer our bodies to the Lord is to present our bodies to Him; offer ourselves as sacrifices to Him. This is an important and utmost act of worship.
Rom. 12:1; 2 Cor. 5:9

We have to deliberately make it our duty for God to be daily pleased with us. We should wake up everyday to do things that will please God.
We should make it our aim to fully please God.

To live well pleasing to God is to live a holy life. Holiness pleases God.
We have to put an effort to fully please God 2 Cor. 5:9 (amp)
God says we should be holy, because He is Holy. 1 Peter 1:13-16
We are to “Be Holy”; it is something we should do.

How much value do you place on pleasing God?

To please God, there must be Sacrifice. You must let go of earthly things to also please God. For the sake of God’s pleasure, you forgo fornication, adultery, theft, etc.

Rom. 6:12-13 encourages us not to present our body to sin, but use our body members as instruments of righteousness to God.

What to do:
1.Dedicate yourself (every part of you) in prayer to God first thing in the morning.
2.Deliberately hand your mind to God.
3.Dedicate your eyes and your ears to God. Rom 8:5; Job 31:1; Phil. 4:8
4.Mid the kind of relationship you keep. Psa. 1
5.We need to dedicate our tongue to God. James 3:6, 10.
6.Dedicate your flesh to God; give God ALL your bodily parts. 1 Cor. 6:20

Prayer Points:
1.Repent for using parts of your body for unholy things
2.Declare that you are better than sin.
3.Present every part of your body to God as instruments of righteousness.
4.Declare that you will continually make God proud; to give Him pleasure.
5.Pray that you will be God’s Light to the world; no darkness will overcome you.
6.Dedicate your mobile devices to God. No sms, social media posts, etc will offend anybody and God.

Pleasing God; Walking in Love

Speaker: Pastor Ikiddeh Ekong
Scripture: 2 Cor. 5:9; John 13: 34;
Today's title: Pleasing God; walking in love. 
Agape love is voluntary, gives sacrificially, and suffers inconvenience and even death for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. Eph. 5:1-2. 
God expects His children to love one another.  God is love, and His love for His children is forever! 
Though man sinned against God and was cast out of the Garden Of Eden, God sent His son to redeem us back to Him. Psm. 8:4. 
God loved us even before we knew Him; even while we were sinning against Him. 1 John 4:19; Rom. 5:8; 1 John 4:11. 
The human nature is considered to sin, but there is a higher nature (Christ) in us, which supersedes sinful nature. Gal. 5:19; Rom 8:5. 
God is love; His nature is love, it is who He is, and it is who He has been and who He will always be. 1 John 4:16b. 
The moment you give your life to Christ, His love nature takes over your human nature and you become love just like Him. Rom. 5:5. 
How to see love in you:
1.     Believe that the abundant love of God is in you. 
2.     You must believe that your flesh has died. Rom. 6:6. 
3.     Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The HOLY SPIRIT is our Guide and help. John 16:13.
For you to practice real love, it must come from within you because Christ is in you. 
Love will make you give your time, money, take care of the less privileged, etc. Love does not wait to be loved first, it goes out to love. 
It is time to stop talking love and start actin love. 



Prayer & Miracle Service

Prayer & Miracle Service

​ Sowing and Reaping​

Speaker: Pastor Yakubu Yola
Scripture: Gen 8: 22; Luke 6: 38

When God finished creating the earth on the 6th day, He had finished creating everything that needed to be created.

This is why every creation a man does is considered recreation.
Everything that has been created since creation has been a recreation from what already exists. Gen 1:11-12, 29.

God created seed so that you can have food; this seed cannot be created because God already created it;
I​t can only be recreated/reproduced. Mark. 4:26-27; Gal. 6:7; Luke 6: 38; Eph. 4: 28.
Giving is a way of sustenance; it is a way God designed for you to be sustained and provided for.

Points to note from Luke 6:38

1. Give and it shall be given back to you.

2. 'IT' (whatever you give) will be given back to you.

3. When it's coming back, it comes back pressed down, shaken together and running over.
This is God's plans for you - 2 Cor. 9:8-10.

1. God multiplies only the seed; as you sow, He multiplies continually.

2. In everything God gives, there is the seed and bread. John 12:24.







DAY 10

DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 11

Prayer and intercession

Speaker: Pastor Wilson Akubo
Scriptures: Matt. 7: 7-11; john 1:11; 5:14; Mark 11:24; Gen. 9:6; matt 26:52; Rev. 13:10; Isa. 33:1; Deu. 32:35; Psm. 58:10; 94:1
"I got a gift of N500, 000 from my care group leader, only God could have done this. Hallelujah!" 
Prayer items:
      Nigeria
      Marriages
      Children
      Singles.
Lesson on prayers:
      We must be confident in praying according to God's will. 
      What is God's will? His word. 
      Your verbal and body languages should show that you believe and have received. 
Matt. 7: 7-11; john 1:11; 5:14; Mark 11:24; Gen. 9:6; matt 26:52; Rev. 13:10; Isa. 33:1; Deu. 32:35; Psm. 58:10; 94:1 
Faith is now, so, when we pray tonight, believe that you have received it and you will have it. 
Prayer for the nation:
      Pray and ask God to release the spirit of vengeance over our land #Nigeria. Psm. 94:1. 
      Pray for God's vengeance to spread across our #Nation #Nigeria.
      Pray and thank God for answered prayers. 
      For husband and wife to become one
      For godly offspring
      So that the world will learn from Christians homes.
      Brokenness is 100% yieldedness to God, His word and His spirit.
Prayer for marriage:
      Pray that husbands and wives will yield to the Spirit of God and learn to be one. 
      Pray against the spirit of stubbornness between husband and wife. 
      Pray for a fresh zeal and hunger in the lives of all husbands and wives. Gen 11:6.
      Pray for divine conception for anyone believing God for the fruit of the womb. 
Prayer for children:
      Pray for all children; declare that they are blessed of the Lord in Jesus' name. 
      Decree and declare that your children are blessed. 
      Pray and decree that your children are taught of the Lord and not of the world. Is. 54:13. 
      Pray that your children will not entice your children. Prov. 1:10. 
      Pray that your children will be mighty. Psm 112:2
Prayer for singles:
      Pray that our singles will love God. 
      Pray for insatiable hunger for righteousness will come upon our singles; they will hate sin. 

Praying the will of God (2)

Speaker: Sis. Monica Olajundoye
Scriptures: Dan. 2:28; 2 Cor. 4:17-18; 2 Chr. 7:14-15
God acted on behalf of His children and fought against their enemies whenever they called on Him. 2 Chr. 7: 14-15; Exo. 3:8; 
God answered Hezekiah's prayer to deliver the children of Israel from captivity. Isaiah 37:36. 
Things Christians must do for our nation:
1.     Be patriotic. 2 Sam 20:15-22.  
2.     Have love for our nation. 
3.   Pray for our nation. Prov. 3:33. 
4.   Influence the society positively. 
God has empowered us with the Holy Spirit to bring about a change in our land; anytime you pray something happens. 
Prayer Points:
1.    Pray and ask God to arise for the sake of our nation 
2.    Pray that God in His infinite mercy will choose for us a leader come #Elections2019 in Jesus' name. Eze. 21:27. 
3.    Pray for our Senior Pastor @SarahOmakwu; that God will continue to keep and bless her in Jesus' name. 



Mission Work

Speaker: Aunty Regina Nuhu
Scriptures: Matt. 28: 18-20
God is with us and He will always be with us. Matt. 28: 18-20. 
Mission work is a mandate for every #ChildOfGod. 
There are different kinds of attacks against the gospel of Christ from all over. What Christians need to do is to pray earnestly to God for a change. 
We have forgotten why God called us to earth in the first place; we need to start giving attention to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
As Children of God, we must not abandon the work of God. Missionaries are out there depending on God for supply, let us reach out to them. 
Do not ignore the call of God upon your life. 
What are you doing with the #WordOfGod that you have been hearing? You need to start applying it in your daily living.  
As a Christian, don't allow the wind of worldliness leave you behind; you need to go into the world and let them know that Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life. 
Reason's why people don't go into missionary work:
1.     Lack of support. 
2.     Fear. 

Praying for the Nation

Speaker: Sis Monica Oladunjoye
Scriptures: Isaiah 62: 1-2, 6-7; 1 John 5:15; Psm. 149:6-9; 8:2; Acts 16:25
To be nonchalant and prayer-less toward the nation is to incur calamity upon the nation; we must pray. Eze. 9:3-6. 
Anyone who prays for his/her nation benefits peace and serenity. Jer 1: 1-10; 59:21, 51:16. 
In order to carry out God's governance on our land, we must pray earnestly. Rom 15:4. 

Prayer Points:
Pray and thank God for defending His children in their time of need. 
Pray against every power and principality that is controlling our nation negatively. Eph. 6: 12; Dan. 12:10-13; Matt. 16: 9. 
Pray and declare that the blood of the deceased will not be in vain. 2 Kings 3:7-30; Esther 10: 3
Pray for the Vice President @ProfOsinbajo, that as he heads the committee of -----, God will grant him victory in Jesus' name. 
Pray that every plan against the #WillOfGod in our land will be frustrated. Zech. 4: 7; Job 42:2. 
Pray for a free and fair #Election2019. 

DAY 17

Joshua's act speaks of what we do in our everyday life while Moses' act speaks of what we do during prayer Exo. 17: 8-13. 
In John 5:19-20, we see Jesus manifesting the things of the spirit realm when He healed the sick. 
As children of God, we must run concurrently in the spirit and natural realm. 
You are in the right place where God is Exo. 17:12. 
There is something prophetic about the voice of a praying woman. Acts 4: 24-26, 31; Job 12:7-10. 
The declarations of five women in Numbers 27:6-11 cause a change of commandment. 
A man carries authority, while a woman carries influence. Eph. 5: 23. 
As a people, we must come together and pray. Women need to take their place in the place of prayer. 
Prayer Points:
Pray and magnify the Lord for His unfailing love upon us. 

Pray and ask God to choose us a leader after His own heart and will during the 2019 Elections. Exo. 17:9. 

Pray and declare that God will execute His will and judgement upon our nation. Dan. 4:31-32. 





If Tomorrow Never Comes

Speaker: Pastor Yakubu Yola
Scriptures: 1 Thes. 5: 16-18; Heb. 10:20-23.
This message is going to be central to your successes and prosperity; I indulge you to give attention to it and run with it. 
As a child of God, you must give thanks to Him everyday, it will help you stay in the #WillOfGod. 
It is important that we must always be thankful to God for every situation. This is the will of God for your life in 2018. 
Whatever you focus on will expand. 
Things to do to show gratitude to God:
1.    Give Him thanks continually. 
a)   Maintain the attitude of gratitude. 
b)   Keep blessing God; be thankful to Him always. James 1: 3. #
c)    Identify 'little' things that God is doing in your life and be thankful. 
d)   Thank God for something He has done in your past. 
e)    Every prayer should go together with thanksgiving. Phil. 4:6. 
2.   Thank God for the signs that you see: even if the promise is not visible yet. 
3.   Always maintain your confession according to the Word Of God. Heb 13:5; Job 5:19; Prov. 24:16; Eze. 33:7. 
4.   Always remember who your Lawyer is (Jesus). Rom. 8:34; Job 38:4; Heb. 11:3. 
Prayer Points:
      Pray and thank God for He is God. 
      Pray and thank God for the 'little' things in your life. 
      Pray in advance for what God is about to do in your life. 
      Pray and declare good things upon your life. 

Be a friend of God indeed and Ignore the Wind

​Speaker: Pastor Wilson Akubo​

​Scriptures: ​
James 2:23, Isaiah 48:1, Genesis 18:23 
God has called us friends but we have always failed to be truly friends with him. To be friends with God, you must do the following: 
Believe in Him
To be friend with God, you must believe in Him. The proof of belief is total and prompt obedience. You have to also agree with Him. If you believe God, you have to be in agreement with Him. You have to Believe God in all circumstances. 
Loyalty and dependability. 
God doesn't like fair weather friends. He likes dependable friends who stand with him in all situations. Can God trust you? Are you dependable? Stand with God at all times. 
If the almighty God is your friend, you will have no Enemy. Multitudes will always be away but God will always have plans for his friends. Every word that Jesus has spoken to us is capable of making us what he wants us to become. 
As we round up this Prayer and Fasting, there may be winds. You may experience some difficult situations. But I want you to believe in God and ignore the winds. Just bear in mind that your victory is closer whenever the contrary wind is boisterous. Mathew 14:22-31 

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