2017 Mid Year Fasting & Prayer

2017 Mid Year Fasting & Prayer

Service Conductor- Pastor Wilson Akubo

Welcome to Day 1 of 2017 MidYear Prayer and Fasting

As we begin this prayer session, it is important that we start with the following Prayer Points:

1. Cast out the spirit of slumber, and any form of spiritual tiredness.
2. Pray that the Will of God alone will be done in this Prayer and Fasting
3. Pray that every 'This Kind' shall go away through this Prayer and Fasting in Jesus name. Matthew 17:21
4. Pray that God will reveal Himself to us afresh during this season.
5. Pray that the Spirit behind the Word of God shall move and quicken you to act during this Prayer and Fasting.
6. Pray for God to open your eyes this season

This video "Understanding the Covenant of Answered Prayers by Bishop David Oyedepo" will help you add effectiveness to your prayer. Watch it.

There are 8 keys to answered prayers, viz

1. We must Pray from the heart for God to hear us
2. Pray according to His Word.
3. Pray with Faith in the name of Jesus
4. Pray boldly and not beggarly
The list continues tomorrow.

To-Do list

1. Dedicate time to read and study the Bible.
2. Dedicate time to worship God in singing and praises
3. Dedicate time to pray, reading the Word
4. Keep a journal at all times.
5. Create time to be quiet.

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Service Conductor – Pastor Ikiddeh Ekong

Day 2:

We serve the Greater than the greatest, the Bigger than the biggest; He is better than the best.

Begin this prayer session with these prayer points.

Ask God to prepare your heart to receive.
Pray that your prayer life will never remain the same after this Prayer and Fasting

Today, we continue on the 8 keys to answered prayers from the video "Understanding the Covenant of Answered Prayers by Bishop David Oyedepo"

There are 8 keys to answered prayers, viz (continued)

Pray exercising your redemptive authority over the devil
Pray in the Spirit
Pray with Thanksgiving
Pray with expectation.

Pray with the 8 Keys to Answered Prayers; place your petition before God.
Pray against all forces of darkness; overcome them with the authority given to you by Jesus Christ.
Put your hand on any pain in your body, command it now to go in the name of Jesus. Health is your portion.
Pray against Spiritual laziness that will hinder you from following the 8 keys to answered prayers.
You are responsible for where you are right now. Take charge of the outcome of your life.

Give God thanks for all He has done, and all He is doing. THANK YOU, LORD.

Service Conductor – Pastor Michael Adeniyi

Day 3:

God reigns forever. Welcome to Day 3.

God has done all things well. Today's video is by Pastor Sarah Omakwu, "Fight The Good Fight of Faith"

Prayer Points:

Thank God for giving you victory; pray with Thanksgiving.
Pray against procrastination; pray that nothing will hinder you from moving forward.
Pray against all enemies of Faith with the Word of God. Build your Faith in God.
Pray that your victory in the Fight of Faith will come from God alone; not from man.
Keep your Faith alive by seeing what you want in the Spirit realm; then it will manifest in the physical. Frame your world.

Faith is a Fight. Go, fight and win. Don't turn away. Proverbs 30:30

Be in your Care group tomorrow for Prayer.


Day 4: Activities for the Care Group.

1. Review the first half of the year, on a personal level and on a care group level. Remember to review the set target of 16 members per care group.

2. Do you have all the care group ministers i.e. Visitation, worship, prayer, etc. in place? Pray for them.

3. Do you have the empty seat in your Care Group?

4. Pray for our Pastors; pray for the grace to do what God has called them to do.

We will meet in Church tomorrow by 6pm. God bless you.

Service Conductor – Pastor Joshua Ochu

Day 5:

Scriptures: John 13:34-35; Matt 5:13-16(NKJV, MSG); Acts 10:38; Titus 2:10 (NLT); Num 14:9; Acts 1:8;

It is in God's nature to do amazing things.

Here are some testimonies from this Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting.

1. This is my first time of fasting for this long. I keyed into the Senior Pastor's message on Wednesday, Day 3 (Fight the Good Fight of Faith), I sent an sms to my boss who wasn't replying my messages and I got a reply; my arrears were paid as well.

2. I thank God for healing me from masturbation and addiction to pornography. I had been addicted to masturbation and pornography for many years, I came out during an altar call by Pastor Sarah Omakwu, and today I am healed.

3. God has done it. My sister (our first born) is now pregnant after 10 years of marriage. I am so thankful to God for this miracle. I know God is more than able to make her deliver the baby, in Jesus name.

Today's Video "The Heartbeat of God by Bishop David Oyedepo"

Soul winning means winning a person to Christ. If you do not love the people you cannot be moved to win them to Christ.

Prayer Points:

1. Pray that God will give you the heart to love people and win them to Christ; a heart that does not judge.

2. Ask for the Grace to be good to people; to be salt to the earth. Pray for the grace to do good and attract men to Christ. Ask for the grace to speak nice words.

3. Ask for the boldness to be a witness for Christ. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

4. Pray that God will open your eyes to know the depth of His love and of Christ's victory.

5. Pray in the Holy Ghost; ask God for that one person He wants you to pull into His kingdom this week.

Thank God for soul winning; receive people into His Kingdom with thanks.

Tomorrow's service is by 4:00pm.

Service Conductor- Pastor Steve Oricha

Scriptures: Proverbs 14:34, 2 Chronicles 7:12-14; Proverbs 15:29

Today, we will be praying for our country Nigeria; if there is peace in Nigeria, there will be peace in our hearts.

Nigeria as a nation needs exhortation, and this can be done only through righteousness.

Proverbs 13:34 says Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

The salvation of our country Nigeria is in the hands of the person reading this text.

It is wrong for you to sit and wait for the government to deliver Nigeria; you are the one to deliver her. We can change this country, if we do the right thing individually. Do your bit.

God is ready to help Nigeria if we humble ourselves and call out to Him.

It is the winning of souls that fosters righteousness in a nation. If we get more people to become righteous, the whole land will be righteous.

Prayer Points:

1. Ask God for cleansing, and forgiveness for ever taking any part to take Nigeria backdown.
2. Pray for the Vice President, that God will use him as a tool for righteousness.
3. Pray for the security of Nigeria; no more blood shedding.
4. Pray that the predictions of the evil ones will not come true in Nigeria
5. Pray for the economy of Nigeria; thank God for bringing us out of recession.
6. Pray for the health sector in Nigeria.

Thank God for protecting Nigeria; thank Him for answering our prayers.

As you pray for Nigeria, remember to do the right things; don't adjust the AEDC meters, do not cheat your customers/clients, etc. Be right.

God bless you for praying.

Service Conductor – Pastor Sarah Omakwu (Senior Pastor, Family Worship Centre & President, Family Ministries International (FMI) Africa)

Day 7:


I bless God we made it; welcome to the last day of the midyear Prayer and Fasting

Every time you fail, it weakens your faith. It is always good to be successful in life, and you can only be successful if you meditate on ALL that is written in the Word of God, day and night. Joshua 1:8

What you will become tomorrow is what you are doing now. You are responsible for making your way prosperous.

These are the fours Things you must do

1. Walk by faith

Faith is holding in your hands what you are hoping for and the evidence of the things you are believing God for. The Bible says 'The Just shall Live By Faith' in Heb 2:4; Rom 1:17; Gal. 3:11; Heb 10:38.

The evidence of your faith is seen materially.

God has given you all you need to prosper. It is in your hands; shine your 'spiritual eyes' 2 Peter 1:3

In the circle of the people you know is your miracle, locate the person with it.

2. Pray heartfelt, earth shaking and earth moving prayers

When you pray with all your heart, God answers. You must set aside time to pray for that thing you are believing God for. Pray that God's kingdom will come. I suggest we get prayer partners; someone we can pray with. James 5:16

3. You must evangelize

God chose you to bear fruits. If you must have your prayers answered, you must evangelize. John 15:16

There is no greater joy on earth than getting somebody saved. No house, breakthrough, cars, etc is greater than winning one person to Jesus Christ. Nothing is greater. It is a rescue mission. Get an evangelism partner.

4. You must walk in love

Love your family. Love your friends. Forgive. Add to the people that can help you; make new friends. You need to learn to give, give, and give. Keep giving.

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